A security-focused Android app with 250+ Google Play Store installs and numerous F-Droid installs. When your phone is plucked from your hands, the lock screen is activated so the thief can't see your messages.
A web-based tool for quickly mapping song lyrics to a karaoke track. Developed for the open-source stenography community.
A realtime web game and learning experience for microeconomics.
A cloud tool for controlling Google Slides presentations with a cell phone without any prior setup on the phone or presentation computer.
A keyboard built by hand for use with the open-source stenography project Plover.
A JavaScript application that uses your microphone and speakers to run lines with you for practice for theatrical performances.
A networked Java game created in a group of four in a month for an AP Computer Science course.
A Chrome extension for showing Georgia Tech classes in OSCAR from any website.
An interactive real-world game designed for a high school STEM club demonstration.
A script to sync Clipper card transactions into YNAB.