Hi! I'm Tim (he/him).

I'm currently a second-year Ph.D. student in computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, advised by Armando Fox and Björn Hartmann. Recently, my research has taken the form of investigations into ways we can equip people (especially non-programmers) to instruct their computers quickly and flexibly (which, yes, makes me an LLM guy).

I love teaching, and pedagogy is always on my mind. If you're one of my past students, hi! Feel free to contact me about anything, always.

I'm also really interested in (human) languages. Though I only really have a functional understanding of English and French, I love learning about relationships between languages. To that end, I've spent time picking up basic skills in Spanish, American Sign Language, and Mandarin.

For my Internet identities and PGP key, see keybase.io. (proof)

Contact me for pretty much any reason!

I don't read my inbox on LinkedIn, and I'm not currently looking for job opportunities. If you send me recruiting mail without at least acknowledging this line on my website, you will not get a response.