This page is an eclectic mélange of... stuff. From my life. I dunno, I just wanted to have a place where I could put all the silly things I've collected over the years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I livestreamed my first self-haircut. A media agency found it, which resulted in this Supercuts ad:

During a 2019 debate for the US Democratic Party's presidential nomination, Joe Biden flubbed and accidentally directed viewers to a URL that didn't exist. I couldn't help myself. I bought the domain, redirecting it to a friend's joke campaign website that he and I had built for April Fool's Day. My friend got plenty of attention (the Huffington Post calls us Biden-Trolling Pranksters) and interviewed that night with a few news organizations running the story.

In my senior year of high school, I starred in the school's spring musical. Normally I preferred playing trumpet in the pit orchestra, but Urinetown didn't have a trumpet part, so I figured I'd audition. Here's me as Bobby Strong:

In high school, I helped write and advocate for the passage of the Cold Case Records Collection Act of 2017, possibly the first bill ever written by high schoolers to be signed into federal law. I lobbied congressional staffers in Washington, D.C. and built out social engagement features on the website.

When I was young, my dad maintained a family personal website, which I've reuploaded for posterity. In 2007 (when I was 9), I had my own go at overhauling the website. I've (reluctantly) reuploaded that one, too (incidentally, this website is the reason I first learned about colorblindness).

Here's a short video mocking Amazon's Alexa (my most popular post on reddit):

I once gave a lesson on how to draw ampersands to a few hundred computer science students after getting fed up grading poorly-written data structures exams.

Found on a (very) old hard drive: a unique composition from when I was 9 that somehow gets stuck in my head whenever I think about it.