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Hey there! This is wavelyric. Drag a music file into the page to get started.

With wavelyric, you can create Karaoke-style timing data for every word in any song. You'll have a waveform representation of the song and a bunch of keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips to help you get going.

When you're finished, you can export to a .lrc file, formatted perfectly for use with Steno Hero, a free typing game aimed at stenographers.

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New song
Start from scratch using the audio file you chose.
Import song
Import a JSON file from wavelyric or a .lrc file from Steno Hero.
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Space to start/stop playback.

N to place the next line marker, S to place space

Drag markers with the mouse to reposition them. The dragged line and the one before it will have their word timings reset.

Shift-click a space marker to remove it or a line marker to merge it with the previous line.

Shift-click a word in the "current line" area to split the line at that word.

Click the line in the "current line" area to edit the line. If you change the number of words, that line's word timing information will be reset.

Page up/page down to move to the previous/next marker.

Click on a marker to move the cursor to the marker.

Arrow keys or click to move the cursor.

Home/end to move to the beginning or end of the song.

Email me if you need help. I know it's a bit confusing at first!

Click on a line to time individual words.

Export to JSON for later use with wavelyric (more precision, works with unfinished projects). Export to Steno Hero for use with Steno Arcade.

An ogg file is an audio file that can be read by Steno Hero. You can download this song as an ogg (experimental!) by clicking "Export Ogg" and waiting a few seconds.